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Fog of Life is a horror adventure experience in which the player has to traverse a very foggy soviet suburban environment to get to their end goal, a village, by using a map and a compass, multiple useful items found in the game’s locations and avoiding or fighting enemies scattered around the place. Orientation is key, if you walk too far off, you might have to pay with your life.

The game is planned to have co-op game play as well as single player. Co-op sees you playing through the game with a friend. You must take care of each other in order to survive. One player has a map and the other has the compass. Without your friend, you're walking in thick, blind fog - quite literally. Single player is a more independent and lonely experience, yet your character has more abilities.

Special thanks to OmenaKettu for additional modelling.

Updated 10 days ago
Published 12 days ago
GenreAction, Strategy, Survival
Tagscompass, Co-op, fog, fog-of-life, Horror, Multiplayer, orient, Singleplayer

Install instructions

Unpack the archive file to your preferred destination. Read "readme.txt" and launch "Fog Of Life.exe"


fog_of_life_1_0_0.rar 160 MB
fog_of_life_1_1_0.rar 162 MB


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it's look cool and fun. may i ask is this game can play with friend. (Multiplayer

Yes! Check file "readme" to learn how to play together with a friend : )


I play a lot of these indie games but this one really impressed me. It's so simple but I got so hooked on it lol.