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"I'm writing this for only one reason. The forest not far away from Svecīšu city is corrupted. The creature had been summoned by an unknown group of cultists. We call it the Scarecrow. If you want to survive until tomorrow then try to do the following tasks: Find the items to cast the clensing spell - Candles, knife, cross, spell scroll and Holy Water, if you can count then that's 5 items you need. Find the old cabin the cultists used to corrupt this place and use it as a space for clensing this cursed forest. Good luck."

Scarecrow CO-OP 2 is a sequel to the first game of the same name, aiming to improve on every aspect as well as add new features to ease access and make an overall better experience.

Even though the game is released, it's still not perfect.

Scarecrow CO-OP 2 is an online multiplayer cooperative horror game.


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Scarecrow CO-OP 2 (1.0.2) 62 MB

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Dude, we can't run or avoid the monsters, they are to over powered.

The scarecrow is EXTREMELY freaky — my friend and I practically lost our minds when we saw him, what a freaking twist. I only wish he was constantly stalking you through the map. My main gripe with this game is that navigating is nigh-impossible. Pleeease let us change the gamma so we can see the paths! Still, an extremely fun challenge!

Fantastic little game with plenty of funny moments.

how many players is allowed?

We tried again! (and failed)

muito bom, quase infarto com meus amiguinhos 😁👍

Me and my friends had to play the second game. We had a blast! Made a small video on it
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If i turn off my light does it get the monsters off me

is this online multiplayer?


thanks for telling me


Part 2 on this game was sweet.  Love the Survival mode @Sentryturbo.  

please, if I turn off the light, the NPC's will stop chasing me? Or they will be chasing me for the rest of the game?

I need to know how to leave them behind. Thx.

I cannot play with my friend, we made the same room name but we didn't ended up in the same room

The map is too big. You should made some sort of map which shows you your current position.


I can't get the multiplayer to work. we put in the same room name, but we never end up in the same game :(

Is there or are you planning on making a version of the game compatible with mac computers?

Perhaps, I'll see what I can do.


High quality game, fun to play with friends!

Half of the time it tells me "Not Responding" and I can barely play.

can you make peer to peer servers an option when hosting?

the file doesnt open :/


This game was so much fun with my friends.  I finished a video on YouTube if anyone is interested!  We hope to play this game to the end Soon! Thanks to @SentryTurbo 

"Bro it sounds like an ULTRASOUND"

I'm new to games, how do you run the actual game? I downloaded the .zip file already, but idk how to install it or whatever.

hi, you'll have to unzip the files onto a place you're comfortable with in your computer. if you need help then i suggest searching it up on youtube :)

when you're done with that, you can turn the game on by opening "Scarecrow COOP 2.exe" in the folder

Hey so i got this game and I cant seem to join or create a lobby how do i do it?

There's been a large influx of players trying to play the game, therefore the servers cannot handle the huge amount of people joining and creating rooms. I'm very sorry, but unfortunately the only way to be able to play with your friends at this time is to wait a while and try again later.



I played this game recently and thought it was a lot of fun with my friends.  I posted a short clip on my TikTock and will be making a full video of it soon. Thanks so much to the DEVs on this game 💜


Your tiktok truly blew up the game hahaha, the amount of people that jumped to the game is so much that the servers cannot handle it


That is actually crazy lol.  I'm excited to see your stuff take off!  Sorry for the hold up on servers because of it though. 


This game is super fun, trying to make a totem with my friends. One question there are any way to scape from monsters?? So hard to avoid

currently the only strategy possible is to try to run away, sometimes enemies stumble and slow down when you run by trees. I'm trying to come up with ways to truly avoid enemies for the next update.

Okay, thanks Your work is great. I manage to finish the game with my friends. I missed a final cutscene when you beat the game like in your other game "Fog of life" But is really cool, nice!!!


this game is interessant and the multiplayer is great, it works very well, but have one problem, please add a system to increase and decrease the sensitivity of the mouse, why sensitivity in this game is bad, thanks

Nice to see that a legit version was uploaded...
The last one got me a virus and cost me a youtube account ;-;


Hey! It's been a while. I've been wanting to play this since release but had some trouble finding someone to play with. It has some bugs but I definitely had fun. Here's my playthrough if anyone is interested: 

If you need any help testing future multiplayer stuff I'd be happy to help. I also hope you continue to refine your multiplayer stuff since there is definitely a shortage of horror COOP out there.

Thanks for making games!


It's fun, cool game, but I prefer The fog of life.

The left and right movement kinda wrong and the enemies are faster than the players.

that's understandable, thank you for the feedback and for playing!